Thursday, September 24, 2015

     To start off, there was always two statements that I was torn between for whether I should put a one or a two. After getting my results I realized I was stuck between Risk, Resiliency and Prevention, and Positive Youth Development. I scored a 15 in Risk, Resiliency and Prevention and a 12 in Positive Youth Development. As I was reading the Youth Development ideology Horoscope, I thought I would score high in Positive Youth Development. I believe that it’s important to build upon a child’s strengths and assets.  However I do see why I would score high in Risk, Resiliency, and Prevention. I think it’s critical to decrease the rates of social problems we are facing. I believe that I am a combination of both ideals. 

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  1. I've commented on blogs and I've said all the same things, that as youth workers we are NEVER one set profile. I think that we have our main focus area but I really think that at any given moment we can be any of the three!