Thursday, October 15, 2015

My multi-authored life

First off, there were many concepts in this week's reading The Construction of Adolescents that I felt that were essential to the major concepts of the text.

  • Just as children require near-constant support from others to access the material from which they will start building their lives, adolescents and adults likewise depend on ongoing support to construct their realities and the internalized stories of those realities.
  • All stories are multi-authored
  • Theme of education is critical
  •  Being disappointed by his teachers [Antwon]
  • No meeting of the minds [Antwon & Teacher]
  • Just as educators play critical roles in the construction of their students’ life texts, so too are students critical to the life texts of their teachers, principals, and counselors.
  • Trained to promote youth development via range of teaching, counseling, mentoring and prevention programs.
There was a few concepts that I did not know previous to reading this chapter.
            - Zone of proximal development
            - Scaffolding
            - Reciprocal transformation

 One of the most important concepts in my opinion from the list I gathered was that there was no meeting of the minds between Antwon and his teacher Ms. Petersen. They both did not know where the other one was coming from, and if their was open communication, things might have been different.

Now about my own life story. It was hard to come up with 10 people who have co-authored with me. I tried to pick people from all different parts of my life.
  1.   Mom
  2.  Dad
  3. Grandmother
  4. Alex
  5. Mrs. A
  6.  Mark
  7.  Patricia
  8.  Ethan
  9.  Angel
  10. Student from volunteering
We were told to pick and talk about one person who helped co-author our lives and I decided to pick my mom. There is no other person in this world that I can say shaped me more than she has. I mean how can there be, she’s been there for me every single day of my life. If anyone would ask, I would deny that I’m anything like my mother, however the truth is I’m just like her and I'm proud of that. She is the toughest person I know, the hardest worker, and I work every day to be like her. From the moment she arrived in the United States she worked from the bottom up to get where she is now. I can honestly say I am a strong independent women, and this is because of my mom. 


  1. Hi Brittany!

    I really like the set up up of your blog. It is very organized and I enjoy how you listed key things from the articles. It was also nice of you to come up with ten people that co-authored your life. Honestly for me it was kind of hard to get ten people but it's great that you were able to create that list and then signal it down to your mom!

  2. I like that you put in your post about Antwon and Ms. Peterson and the fact that they did not know where the other one was coming from, and if their was open communication, things might have been different. I just think that is super important for everybody to know not just those working with youth.

  3. I think it's also really cool that you listed the key concepts that you took from the reading and thank you for sharing how your mom is a co-author to your story!! <3

  4. Brittany,

    Your post was easy to read and targeted major key concepts from the reading. I also enjoyed hearing what an inspiration your mother has been to you!


  5. Brittany, you should share this with your mom <3 Our moms do so much for us, and we often show so little gratitude to them. My best friend made me feel really guilty one day for not appreciating my mom enough, to the point where when I left I called her to tell her how much I appreciate what she does for me and that I love her. I think I might have made her cry a little ;) Great post.